Male Hormone Replacement Therapy: Andropause

Testosterone is a remarkable player in the hormone complex (people who run cell errands) who direct our bodies to work. In men older than 40 years, the fall in this dimension of this hormone is enormous.

Until now, it was considered forbidden to supplant this important hormone. However, current advances against aspiring professionals recognize the logical investigations of the previous decade.

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As with women who have experienced the difference in their daily lives, the replacement of their sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) is an important medical benefit, such as the anticipation of osteoporosis.

For coronary disease and the increase of intellectual capacity. In the same way, for more established male subjects, the benefits of the expansion of testosterone under the careful supervision of leaders are an urgent part of maintaining a high level of well-being. In this article, I want to spread some misjudgments about testosterone replacement therapy and describe the benefits of this simple and safe treatment.

More importantly, there is overwhelming evidence in the logical writing that testosterone does not cause prostate disease. In fact, it is the unbalanced superabundance of estrogen in humans that are involved in a malignant prostate tumor.

The warning is that once there is a malignancy of the prostate, testosterone, which is an anabolic (anabolic) hormone (construction), can promote the development of the disease, but contrary to what is commonly thought. the therapeutic field does not cause malignant growth.

With the age of propulsion, testosterone levels decrease as estrogen levels increase and decrease after restricting the areas located in the organ of the prostate, as do the different cells in the body that cause the hormonal devastation.

Problems such as the expansion of the adipose tissue with the weight of the belly, the decrease in volume, summarize the irregular hormonal characteristics (developmental hormone, estrogen, thyroid), slowness, expanded cholesterol and lipid breakdown, related awkwardness in glucose and insulin , the decrease in the versatility of the coronary supply routes, the increase in circulatory tension and the loss of prosperity are due to the low levels of testosterone. Improving testosterone inappropriate competitors helps avoid these unwanted results, but it is not as simple as taking a pill. Our body contains proteins that can transform exogenous testosterone into other problematic hormones, for example, estradiol and DHT. In this way, a doctor who understands the exercise with a careful examination and can analyze these different hormones is ideal to treat such confusion.

In addition to the good substitution methodology (cream, gel or solution), there are different possibilities to stop the transformation pattern of testosterone. These are usually improved in parallel with testosterone. Saw palmetto, zinc and nettle concentrate are examples. In an ongoing investigation of the Androderm patch after one year, the abstinence score was reduced by almost half with the only testosterone replacement. Again, men with testosterone depletion events in a survey had weak side effects that decreased from 79% to 10%. A Medline medical search reveals many progressive positive results of testosterone replacement. For those who wish to gradually discover their body, there is a non-intrusive home testing unit available at the Saleeby Institute of Longevity that allows men to assess the dimensions of available testosterone.

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